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Are you struggling to find customers online? Did you know that most of your customers spend their time on Facebook?
It’s true, and if your business isn’t advertising on Facebook then you could be seriously missing out. If that wasn’t shocking enough, you’ll be interested to know that 80% of internet users are on Facebook.

Social Regal is one of the best Facebook Advertising Agency in Boca Raton, Florida. Our ad specialist have the skills and years of experience and are more than willing to help you.

Facebook is a great place for business owners to showcase their brands and gain visibility. The visibility can be directed to a particular audience. Many people think of Facebook as a place to interact with friends and family, but business owners must know the value of Facebook advertising.
Facebook advertisements are set up to get you, the targeted audience who can take look at what your business has to offer, and has been set up to be viewed many people that you desire.

To get real results, Facebook advertising requires some know-how of the platform and how to wisely use it according to your needs. See pricing now and let’s get you started.

“Almost all the business around the world is using Facebook to promote their business and are gaining more and more customers on everyday basis.”

“Almost all the business around the world is using Facebook to promote their business and are gaining more and more customers on everyday basis.”

How Facebook Advertising will help your business?

With over a Billion users globally, Facebook Advertisement is an excellent way to market your business and provides you a huge leverage to flexibly invest in the ads with no restriction of paying specific amount every time.

1. Provides Selective Targetings
Facebook holds several targeting and retargeting options and allows you to show your ads to selectively-defined audience by targeting them geographically in addition to narrowing the audience with respect to age ranges, interests and a lot more. It provides a user-friendly power editor tool that makes it easy for you to setup and handle your ad campaign. It also provides you the option to use tracking pixel into pages of your website so that you can target you ideal customers with the product they are most interested in.

2. It’s Fast
Facebook advertising has the ability to drive immediate results. You can reach thousands of people in one day and this is a brilliant way for you to drive traffic to your site. It is also ideal at raising awareness about your brand. If you want to show people what you have to offer then Facebook can do this for you. After all, the more people that are aware of your brand, the more likely they will be to go out there and buy your products.

3. Increases Website Traffic
Website traffic is one of the biggest benefits that you get when you sign up to Facebook advertising but that isn’t all you can take advantage of. Did you know that you can also send people to your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter page and more? At the end of the day, you can easily merge your social media accounts together so you can connect with your customers on more than one platform. This is every marketers dream and it is all possible by using one simple method.

4. It’s Cost Effective
Facebook Advertisement is the most budget-friendly form of investment that any business can ever make. It offers endless benefits to businesses as you can double, triple, or quadruple your business growth through Facebooks ads. This advertising source is cheaper than almost every other alternative available. The targeting options that are available here are most precise and advance than the rest of the social media platforms. You can effectively ramp up awareness about your services, increase touch points with your audience, and target previous customers, website visitors, & specific demographics using the Facebook ads.

5. Improves Brand Awareness
Facebook Advertisement greatly helps in building brand awareness. Basically, Facebook users check their newsfeed several times a day which gives your preferred audience a repeated exposure to your ads

6. Higher SEO Rankings
When you choose Facebook Advertising as a medium to promote your products and services, it helps you to increase your social signals which indirectly influence the SEO rankings of your website. SEO rankings always consider the kind of effort that you have put while designing the content of your ad. If you have chosen the right keywords on the right platform, this opens door to higher rankings on search engines.

5 ways we will manage

your Facebook Ads

We help you to reach new visitors and customers instantly by generating ways that can increase your followers, engagement, and website traffic on a great scale. As you reach more and more people, it opens up the door for more awareness, traffic, and sales of your business

1. Your goals
We learn about your business your Goals, develop an advertising strategy, and execute it.

2. Target market research
We do thorough research on your audience, we find what makes the click. Interests, location etc.

3. Ad Creation
We create engaging ads that people actually want to click on. We use eyes-catching images, headlines and copy that speaks to your audience and makes them click.

4. Your budget
We work in a way that decreases your advertising cost and increases your traffic.

5. Optimization
We monitor the low-performing areas of your brand and plan a campaign that boosts-up the results.

6. Progress Report
We keep you informed on regular basis about how our Social Media Advertisement campaign is working for you so that you can compare the results before and after hiring our services.

Millions of business are using the power of Facebook advertising to acquire new customers every day. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, brand exposure, we can make it happen for you.

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